Is Airsoft Legal in Germany?

Curious about the legality of airsoft guns in Germany? We’ve gathered the essential information to help you understand the rules and regulations surrounding these replica firearms. Read on to find out who can use them, where they can be carried, and what types are allowed.

Airsoft Guns are legal in Germany, but depending on their energy levels the age group for whom they are legal differs.

Airsoft Gun Categories

In Germany, airsoft guns are categorized based on their energy levels:

Category Age Restrictions Description
Category 1No age restrictionsAirsoft weapons with a maximum energy of 0.08 joules with “CE” marking.
Category 2For ages over 14Airsoft guns with an energy of up to 0.5 joules.
Category 3For ages over 18Airsoft guns with an energy of up to 7.5 joules.

These categories are subject to weapon laws and are marked with an “F” in a pentagon.

Age Restrictions and Ownership

If an airsoft gun has an energy level under 0.5 joules, it’s considered a toy gun and can be freely sold to individuals above 3 years of age. However, most distributors require a minimum age of 14 for purchase.

Airsoft guns with energies between 0.5 and 7.5 joules are treated as air rifles. Only those aged 18 and above can purchase or use these guns. They must bear the “F in a pentagon” marking and cannot shoot fully automatically.

Transportation and Carrying

While possession and trade of airsoft guns are generally unrestricted, transportation requires a closed container. Guns resembling weapons need to be transported in a locked container. Shooting or ready access is allowed only on private property that doesn’t disturb others.

Limitations and Prohibitions

Laser pointers and lamps attached to airsoft guns are illegal in Germany. Devices intended to project light in front of the muzzle are prohibited. Even possessing or preparing such devices can lead to legal consequences.

Gas and Signal Weapons

Owners over 18 can acquire and own gas and signal weapons without a permit. Carrying them in public requires a small firearms carrying permit. Transporting non-ready-to-fire weapons from one place to another does not require a permit.

Shooting with Gas and Signal Weapons

Shooting outside authorized ranges usually requires a permit, except under specific circumstances like emergency and rescue exercises.

Compressed Air, Spring Pressure, and CO2 Weapons

Acquiring and owning these weapons with over 7.5 joules requires a permit. Those under 7.5 joules and stamped with an “F” symbol can be owned without a permit from the age of 18.

Carrying and Shooting

Carrying compressed air, spring pressure, and CO2 weapons requires a permit, unless in specific transport conditions. Shooting outside of authorized ranges is generally restricted.

Carrying Ban

The carrying ban includes replicas of firearms, cutting and impact weapons, and airsoft guns under 0.5 joules. The latter are considered toy guns and can be sold to those above 14 years of age.


1. Who can purchase airsoft guns in Germany?

Airsoft guns with energy levels under 0.5 joules can be purchased by individuals above 3 years of age, although most distributors set a minimum age of 14. Guns with energies between 0.5 and 7.5 joules can only be purchased by those aged 18 and above.

2. Can airsoft guns be carried in public?

No, airsoft guns cannot be carried in public. They must be transported in closed containers. Carrying bans also apply to replicas of firearms and certain cutting and impact weapons.

3. Can accessories like lasers be attached to airsoft guns?

No, attaching devices intended to project light in front of the muzzle, like lasers, to airsoft guns is illegal. However, possessing a flashlight for personal use is allowed.


Aspiring airsoft enthusiasts in Germany should be well-versed in the nuanced regulations governing these imitation firearms. The country’s laws draw a clear distinction between airsoft guns based on their energy levels, with different age requirements for ownership and use. While guns under 0.5 joules are considered toys and are available to a broad age group, those between 0.5 and 7.5 joules require users to be at least 18 years old. The rules extend to transportation, with closed containers mandated for safe travel.

It’s important to note that the possession of certain accessories, such as lasers and lamps attached to airsoft guns, is illegal. Compliance with these rules ensures safety and avoids legal consequences. So, whether you’re considering joining a game or adding an airsoft gun to your collection, a solid understanding of German airsoft regulations is crucial to enjoying this recreational activity within the confines of the law.

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