Is Airsoft Legal in Indonesia?

Airsoft, a popular recreational activity involving replica firearms, has gained traction in various parts of the world. In Indonesia, the legality and regulations surrounding airsoft have been subjects of discussion. Let’s delve into the intricacies of airsoft’s legal status in Indonesia and what enthusiasts need to know.

The Early Days of Airsoft in Indonesia

When airsoft first arrived in Indonesia back in 1996, the community’s founders established certain guidelines to ensure responsible and safe gameplay. These included recommendations like keeping the gun’s upgrade below 450 fps to maintain community membership eligibility. Additionally, potential airsoft gun buyers were required to be at least 18 years old and familiar with the regulations pertaining to these replicas.

Authorized Clubs and Organizations

To ensure the controlled growth of airsoft as a sport and to address safety concerns, several government-authorized clubs were established. These organizations, such as Perbakin (Indonesian Shooting Club), PORGASI, ABU, and FAI, play a crucial role in accommodating airsoft enthusiasts and providing a structured platform for the activity.

Recent Developments and Negotiations

In more recent times, discussions have taken place between the police and airsoft communities regarding the potential legalization of the sport. Negotiations revolve around distinguishing airsoft units from real firearms by using orange-tipped muzzle brakes. This initiative aims to strike a balance between ensuring public safety and allowing enthusiasts to engage in their hobby.

Rules and Regulations for Airsoft Gun Owners

While Indonesian law does not explicitly classify airsoft guns as toys or real firearms, there are specific guidelines in place for their ownership and usage. According to Regulation of the Indonesian National Police 1/2022, several conditions must be met:

  • Airsoft guns are intended for sports purposes only.
  • They should only be used at designated practice and match locations.
  • To possess and use airsoft guns, one must be a member of a shooting club under the Indonesian Shooting Association (Perbakin).
  • The individual must be physically and mentally healthy, as confirmed by a doctor and a psychologist from the Indonesian National Police.
  • A license for ownership and utilization must be obtained from the Regional Police Head/Chief.
  • Licenses are valid for one year and need to be renewed annually at the local Regional Police Office.


Yes, airsoft is legal in Indonesia. However, there are specific guidelines and regulations that players must adhere to, including membership in authorized shooting clubs and obtaining licenses for ownership and utilization.

2. What are the age requirements for owning an airsoft gun?

To own an airsoft gun in Indonesia, one must be at least 18 years old. Additionally, individuals must meet the physical and mental health requirements set by the Indonesian National Police.

3. Are there any restrictions on upgrading airsoft guns?

Yes, airsoft players in Indonesia are encouraged not to upgrade their guns above 450 fps. Exceeding this limit may result in rejection from the community.


In conclusion, the legal status of airsoft in Indonesia lies within a unique framework. The sport is neither classified as a toy nor a real firearm, and there are no stringent guidelines or rules in place. However, enthusiasts must adhere to the regulations set by authorized organizations and ensure responsible ownership and usage of airsoft guns. As negotiations continue and the community evolves, the landscape of airsoft in Indonesia may see further developments.

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