How to Treat a BB Gun Wound

BB guns, though often perceived as harmless toys, can inflict injuries that require proper care. It is essential to understand how to treat a BB gun wound promptly and adequately to prevent complications.

Treating the Wound

1. Assess the Severity

  • Surface Wound: If the BB has only broken the skin, treat it as a regular open wound.
  • Embedded BB: If the BB is visible near the skin’s surface and can be completely removed, do so. If the BB is too deep, seek medical attention.
  • Profuse Bleeding: Dial 911 immediately.

2. Cleaning and Dressing

  • Clean the wound: Rinse with clean water to remove any debris or dirt. It’s crucial, especially if the wound is dirty.
  • Dressing: Apply pressure with clean gauze to control bleeding. If gauze is unavailable, use a clean cloth, cotton balls, or even toilet paper combined with tape.

3. Consider the Struck Area

If vital areas such as the eye, throat, or deep sections of the head or torso are hit, and the severity is not immediately clear, ensure you contact emergency services or consult a doctor urgently.

Alternative Methods in Extreme Situations

In the unlikely event that professional medical help is not available due to extreme circumstances (like being in a remote wilderness), one might need to take matters into their own hands. In such cases, cleanliness is paramount. Make sure to clean the wound with soap, water, and hydrogen peroxide. Use sterile materials like freshly unrolled toilet paper to dress the wound and apply antibiotic ointment. Change bandages regularly and seek medical help as soon as possible. Remember, if the wound shows signs of infection, such as swelling, redness, or if one starts to experience fever or chills, it’s critical to find medical help immediately.

BB Guns are Not Toys

Remember, even minor injuries can be fatal, as in the tragic incident in Alabama in 1985 where a BB gun shot resulted in a man’s death. Hence, always treat BB guns with the respect they deserve.


1. Can BB guns cause genuine injuries?

Answer: Absolutely. BB guns can cause bruises, lacerations, puncture wounds, and in severe cases, can lead to fatalities. It is essential to treat BB guns with respect and caution.

2. What should I do if the BB pellet is stuck deep in the skin?

Answer: If the pellet is embedded too deeply to be safely removed at home, control any bleeding and consult a medical professional or visit an emergency room immediately. It is not advisable to try and remove deeply embedded pellets without professional help.

3. Can a BB pellet harm internal organs or tissues if not removed?

Answer: Yes. If left inside the body, a BB pellet can cause damage to organs or tissues over time. If there’s a suspicion that a pellet might have penetrated deeper into the body, it’s vital to seek medical assistance to assess the damage and get it removed if necessary.


While some BB gun wounds can be treated at home, it’s always safer to consult a doctor or visit the ER, especially if there’s uncertainty regarding the injury’s depth or severity. And always remember, BB guns, like all firearms, demand responsibility and respect.

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