How to Date a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

The Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun, known for its rich history and popularity, especially after its feature in the hit movie “A Christmas Story”, has garnered interest from both collectors and enthusiasts. Understanding its age can provide insights into its value and significance. The following steps will guide you on how to accurately date your Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun.

Steps to Date Your Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

Step 1: Check for Stamped Markings

Inspect the barrel of the BB gun for any stamped markings. Notably, the Daisy Company started registering guns in 1952. If you locate a stamped number, this can provide a clue about its production date.

Step 2: Identify the Location Stamp

See if your gun has a stamp indicating either “Plymouth” or “Rogers”. The company made a significant move from Plymouth, Michigan to Rogers, Arkansas in 1958. The location can be a clear indicator of the production era.

Step 3: Determine the Material and Finish of the Barrel

Check if the barrel is made of wood or plastic. Additionally, identify whether its finish is painted, blued, or plated. These variations can help ascertain different production periods.

Step 4: Contact the Daisy Museum

To get the most accurate information, print and fill out the form available on the Daisy site (refer to Resources) and forward it to the Daisy Museum. The experts there can provide more precise details about your gun’s age.

The Legacy of the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

The Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun’s roots can be traced back to the 1880s when the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company, originally manufacturing windmills, started producing these air guns as promotional items. By the end of the 1880s, the demand for these guns was so high that the company transitioned to gun manufacturing, eventually renaming themselves as the Daisy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Daisy Gun Register and Lot Numbers

Delving deeper into the dating process, it’s crucial to understand the register and lot numbers associated with the Daisy BB guns. This system began in 1952, starting with the number 000001. Large frame guns had a different prefix, starting with the letter ‘K’. As time went on, these numbers evolved, reflecting the month and year of production. For example, a gun with the code A300001 would indicate it was the first gun produced in January 1973. This system underwent multiple revisions, making it essential to understand these nuances when attempting to date a gun accurately.


1. What is the most famous BB gun?

The Daisy Red Ryder is undeniably the most famous BB gun in the world. Not only has it maintained its original design, but it has also been immortalized in comic books and the beloved holiday film, “A Christmas Story.” Since its introduction in 1940, the Daisy Red Ryder has attained a legendary status, becoming the dream of many youngsters.

2. Does Daisy make Red Ryder BB guns?

Yes, Daisy has been producing the Red Ryder BB gun for nearly eight decades. The Daisy Red Ryder, an enduring American classic, is the BB gun that many of us fondly remember from our childhoods. Even today, it serves as the perfect introductory firearm, capturing the thrill and excitement of the shooting sports. Daisy’s newer, full-sized version continues this proud legacy.

3. Is the Red Ryder BB gun for kids?

The Daisy Red Ryder is tailored especially for the younger audience, designed as an initiation into backyard shooting. The kit provides everything a novice might need to get acquainted with basic firearm safety, responsibility, and target practice. While it’s perfect for youngsters, it’s recommended for those aged 10 and up and should always be used under adult supervision.


Dating a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun requires a combination of understanding its physical characteristics, stamped markings, and the company’s registration history. By following the steps outlined, you can discover the rich history behind your BB gun, placing it within the grand narrative of the Daisy Company’s legacy.

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