Is Airsoft Legal in Victoria?

For those curious about the legality of airsoft guns in the state of Victoria, Australia, the regulations surrounding these recreational firearms are important to understand. Airsoft guns, known for their military-like appearance and pellet-launching capabilities, have been a topic of discussion in various regions due to safety concerns and their resemblance to real firearms.

Understanding Victorian Firearm Classifications

In Victoria, the classification of firearms is a critical aspect of the law. There are three main classifications:

  • Registrable firearms: These are firearms that are required to be registered under law. They are typically categorized based on their design and purpose.
  • Replica firearm: Replicas are exact working copies of real firearms. Ownership of a replica firearm requires registration and the appropriate firearms license.
  • Imitation firearm: Imitation firearms resemble real firearms but do not function as such. Due to the potential for public alarm, strict authorization is necessary for possession, sale, or carrying.

Imitation Firearms and Replicas

It’s important to distinguish between imitation firearms and replicas. Imitation firearms may resemble real firearms, but they lack the functionality. On the other hand, replicas are fully functioning copies of real guns and are subject to the same regulations as actual firearms.

When it comes to airsoft guns, Victoria has taken a firm stance. The Victorian Police Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD) strictly prohibits the possession, sale, and import of airsoft guns. The primary reason behind this stance is the concern over the realistic appearance and the potential for confusion between airsoft guns and real firearms.

The LRD’s viewpoint is that there is no “genuine reason” for individuals to possess airsoft guns. Additionally, the division is concerned about the visual similarity of airsoft guns to real military firearms and the potential for these toys to be mistaken for genuine weapons, which could lead to unnecessary public alarm.

Importing Airsoft Guns to Victoria

It’s important to note that importing airsoft guns into Victoria is strictly prohibited. The Victorian Police Licensing & Regulation Division will not issue any form of authorization for the import of airsoft guns. This applies to all types of airsoft guns, regardless of their power source or design.

Given the complexity of firearm regulations in Victoria and throughout Australia, it’s recommended that individuals seeking to understand the laws around airsoft guns and other firearm-related items consult official sources and seek legal advice if necessary. The laws can vary not only between states but also depending on the specific characteristics of the firearm in question.


1. Are airsoft guns considered replica firearms in Victoria?

Airsoft guns, due to their realistic appearance and potential for confusion, fall under the category of imitation firearms in Victoria, requiring strict authorization for possession.

2. Can I use airsoft guns on private property in Victoria?

No, the prohibition on airsoft guns in Victoria extends to both public and private property. Possession, use, sale, and import of airsoft guns are not permitted.

3. Are there any exceptions for airsoft gun use in Victoria?

As of now, there are no exceptions or authorized uses for airsoft guns in Victoria. The regulations are stringent in order to maintain public safety.


Understanding the legal landscape surrounding airsoft guns in Victoria is crucial for residents and enthusiasts alike. The strict regulations set forth by the Victorian Police Licensing & Regulation Division underscore the government’s commitment to public safety and the prevention of unnecessary alarm. The classification of firearms into registrable, replica, and imitation categories further emphasizes the need for clear guidelines.

While airsoft guns have gained popularity elsewhere, Victoria’s stance remains unwavering. The prohibition on possession, use, sale, and import of airsoft guns underscores the government’s resolve to mitigate potential risks associated with these realistic-looking recreational firearms. Staying informed about firearm laws, seeking legal advice, and respecting regulations are essential steps in fostering a safe and secure community for all residents.

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