About Us

This is a small blog built as a hobby by me ( aka Harrison Baxter )

Since I first held an airsoft gun, I’ve been hooked. I’ve always loved the pretend fights and the complex details of each gun model. It went from a fun pastime to a professional interest. Now, I’m lucky to be a big name in the airsoft community. I love every battle and diving into all the cool details of airsoft guns.

In my work for Airsoft Explained, I’m here to share what I know about airsoft with you, whether you’re new to it or a long-time player. I enjoy teaching about different airsoft models, game tactics, safety rules, and understanding the airsoft culture. My articles are fun to read because I write about what I love, and sometimes, I include a funny joke!

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Rutgers University. It helps me understand how real guns and airsoft guns work. Because I love learning and writing, I can explain complicated ideas in simple, fun ways.

In summary, I’m way more than just a writer at Airsoft Explained. I really enjoy this sport, am like a coach for beginners, and always give you good information based on my research. My aim is to keep sharing my passion for airsoft guns and never stop learning about this cool sport. All my articles are written with love for the sport in mind, hoping they’ll increase your knowledge and make playing even more fun for you.